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Fitness Services

We build custom solutions for each client’s unique company culture and well-being strategy.

Moving more is linked to good health
Regular physical activity is one of the most important things people can do to improve their health. Exercise can strengthen bones and muscles, improve mental health and well-being, and increase the chance of living a longer, healthier life.

Designed for excellence
Our organization is structured to support our workplace well-being teams, both on-site and virtually. We have a local and national management structure that includes regional vice presidents, district managers and local service directors. Corporate teams take care of technology, accounting, and marketing needs to enable local teams to focus on what they do best: helping people live healthier lives.

Improve engagement in other programs
Our fitness professionals build trusted relationships with employees and often refer them into other employer-sponsored wellness programs that can help them on their journey to good health.

Health Promotion

Raising employees’ awareness of healthy habits and employer-sponsored wellness benefits drives better choices.

Dedicated staff nurtures strong engagement
We get to know the unique needs and culture of each client’s population. With a focus on building a culture of health, delivering engaging programming and increasing employee health ownership, we build trusted relationships with clients and employees.

A collaborative, employee-centric approach
Our health promotion specialists build relationships with employer’s other wellness vendor partners to help promote services and connect employees with the resources they need.

Professional, customizable, turn-key materials
We have a huge, clinically-approved library of almost 300 articles and activities about fitness and well-being, all of which can be customized to meet clients’ unique needs.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Services

Face-to-face (whether in-person or virtual) services from a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) can inspire employees to change their dietary behaviors and create and sustain a lifetime of healthy eating.

Improve lifestyle choices and health outcomes
Nutrition counseling supports a wide range of health goals. RDNs help people better manage chronic and acute conditions. They support employees in achieving weight-loss goals, fueling athletic performance and eating right at any stage in life.

Make the healthiest choice the easiest choice
RDNs help employees make better nutrition choices and improve health. Services can be provided to individuals, small groups and/or entire employee populations. We partner with clients’ food service vendors to make nutritious food options available, and more affordable, at work.

Certified and licensed allied health professionals
Our RDNs provide evidence-based nutrition counseling and recommendations and deliver one to one medical nutrition therapy in addition to one to many group weight management programs.


Our movement specialists utilize proprietary online technology that allows us to effectively serve large employee populations.

A total population solution
All employees are eligible to take an online self-assessment about their ergonomic health. Higher-risk, higher-need employees can then be triaged to one of our movement specialist for personalized follow-up. These appointments can be supported on-site, virtually or telephonically. The movement specialist will conduct an ergonomic evaluation and place an emphasis on education, goal setting and behavior change.

Support for each employee based on their unique needs
The movement specialist may make adjustments to the workplace setting to best support an employee’s physical needs and comfort. Together, the movement specialist and employee will establish a plan that focuses on importance of movement throughout the day. They may also design unique programs for postural support, corrective exercise and/or mobility.

Clinical expertise and knowledge
Our movement specialists are certified ergonomists, with backgrounds in corrective exercise. They foster and build a trusting relationship with each employee. If they are unable to answer a specific question, or address a unique need, they can refer people into other employer-sponsored wellness programs that can help them on their well-being journey.

Wellness Coaching

Professional coaches build trusted relationships, supporting employees in taking ownership of their health and reaching their goals.

Focus on each unique individual
Our coaches connect with employees to understand their individual needs. Coaches are trained in proprietary tools created by experts in the field and used throughout our organization as a consistent methodology to motivate, engage and manage goal behaviors.

Everyone is eligible to work with a coach
An entire employee population may be eligible to engage in coaching, regardless of risk factors or medical carrier. Anyone can benefit from making healthy changes. Keeping a healthy population healthy can be just as important as managing those who have chronic illness or are high risk.

Deep knowledge and expert clinical support
Our coaches have a deep knowledge of behavior change principles and are supported by subject matter experts. If they are unable to answer a specific question, they can turn to medical directors for collaboration and clinical expertise.