MerleCurrent Title: Site Leader

Career Progression: Assistant Manager > Site Leader


Merle started his career with us as Assistant General Manager and Director of Personal Training for a large financial firm in New York City. At a time when Plus One Fitness was starting to expand its reach, he was involved in opening the company’s second corporate wellness center. As part of the opening, Merle’s team was responsible for contacting over 2,000 employees to discuss their health history.

On the eve of Merle’s second year with the company, the fitness center was devastated by the events of 9/11. The company showed great care for its employee family during that time. Following 9/11, Merle was promoted to a Site Leader role at a New Jersey location, continuing to drive the strategic vision of the account. Merle briefly left the company to run a large hospital-based wellness center, then followed his entrepreneurial spirit and became a partner in a health coaching company. However, he always kept close ties with Optum by teaching CPR classes, and eventually returned to Optum Workplace Well-being in 2018 as a Site Leader for another large financial firm in New York, where he continues to empower his team to have a “heart to serve.”


Merle loves working for Optum Workplace Well-being because of its family atmosphere. Ownership has always been part of the company’s DNA, and that characteristic has been a huge motivating factor for Merle as a husband, father and leader. He believes he is here to serve clients and teammates on their journey to become better versions of themselves. Every day, he gets to lead a team of diverse and talented professionals in that cause. As Merle would say, “Let’s keep it moving!”