KelvinCurrent Title: Site Leader

Career Progression: Exercise Specialist > Assistant Manager > Site Leader


After working for three years in family-operated and commercial fitness facilities, Kelvin earned the opportunity to work as an On-call Exercise Specialist while filling in for an Assistant Manager for two months. As Interim Manager, he only expected to be on the team for two months; however, at the end of this period, he was presented with the opportunity to continue on as a full-time Exercise Specialist. Kelvin continued to flourish in this role, where he not only completed personal training sessions and group fitness classes but also worked collaboratively with a larger team to innovate and create corporate challenges, events and seminars.

After three years, Kelvin was promoted to Assistant Manager, giving him the opportunity to support the opening of a brand new fitness facility. In the process, he learned new programs, leadership skills and how to balance managerial and fitness-related duties. After a year, he was promoted to Site Leader, and he now leads a team of Exercise Specialists and Group Fitness Instructors in three different cities.


When Kelvin joined Optum Workplace Well-being, he did not expect it to turn into a career. The organization’s decision to keep him on as an Exercise Specialist gave him confidence that this was a company that acknowledges talent where it is needed. After five years with Optum Workplace Well-being, Kelvin still sees himself growing with the company. He has chosen to stay with the team because of the growth opportunities and supportive, team-oriented environment.