HeatherCurrent Title: Wellness Coach

Career Progression: Exercise Specialist > Site Leader > Wellness Coach


Heather’s journey with us began when she became an Exercise Specialist at a newly opened corporate fitness center in the business insurance industry, where she gained experience managing the group fitness, intern and member engagement programs. Before long, she became a Site Leader and Athletic Director at an elite graduate business school.

Heather’s next opportunity for growth came at a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation, where she managed a full group fitness program and a full-time Exercise Specialist, as well as getting actively involved with the employee Wellness Committee. When the fitness center was being built, Heather had a unique opportunity to give input on the design and program offerings right from the beginning. Recently, Heather had the opportunity to become a Wellness Coach at an American aerospace and defense corporation; in this role, she is excited to continue using the skills that she has developed through her previous roles to improve people’s health.

Heather holds a Bachelor of Science in exercise science from Ithaca College. She is an NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist®, NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist, ACE Behavior Change Specialist, Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach and Certified Sleep Science Coach.


Over her years of involvement with Optum Workplace Well-being on a national level, Heather has watched her staff evolve from Exercise Specialists to Managers themselves. She has been able to stay highly involved with employee wellness committees, have an impact on the health and well-being of fitness center members and continue to earn a variety of fitness and wellness certifications with the support of Optum Workplace Well-being’s continuing education program. She is very thankful for the continued opportunities and support that she has had as an Optum Workplace Well-being employee.