AnnaCurrent Title: Site Leader

Career Progression: Member Service Specialist > Operations Director > Assistant Manager > Site Leader


Anna started with us in 2012 as a Member Service Specialist for a newly renovated commercial fitness center in downtown San Diego. Coming from a hospitality background, she had the opportunity to assist with service standards and create operating procedures, which led to her promotion as Operations Director after just six months with the company. With her new responsibilities, she demonstrated aptitude in finance, inventory, marketing, sales, group fitness and more.

After three years, Anna took on the Assistant Manager role to help inspire and aid in people’s growth. After four years, she was offered the chance to move to Los Angeles and became the Site Leader of a corporate fitness center that focused more on wellness programming and employee productivity. Over a year later, she had the unique privilege of refreshing the fitness center on a studio lot for a recently acquired account. Now, after almost eight years with the company, her career has brought her back where her journey all started — to downtown San Diego, as Site Leader for the commercial fitness center there.


Anna loves working for Optum Workplace Well-being because every person she has met in the company is genuinely focused on the well-being of others. She has been able to thrive, grow and even relocate during her time here. Over the years, Anna has built a great support system of colleagues who have become like family to her.