AllieCurrent Title: Director of Engagement

Career Progression: Intern > Exercise Specialist/Personal Trainer > Health Promotion Specialist > Director of Engagement


Allie began her career with us in 2007 as an intern at a large biopharmaceutical client in Southern California, shortly after earning her undergraduate degree in exercise science. During her internship, Allie fell in love with the corporate fitness and wellness industry; once it was complete, she was offered a full-time position as an Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer.

She progressively advanced in her career, taking on roles such as Intern Coordinator, Assistant Director of Personal Training, Recreation Director and Health Promotion Specialist. During her eight-year career at this large site, Allie was able to train clients personally, teach group fitness classes, work full-time and earn her MBA. She is now the Director of Engagement for our corporate headquarters, serving all of our Workplace Well-being clients. In this role, she leads the Marketing team in creating engaging communications and programs for participants.


Allie continues to work for Optum Workplace Well-being for a few reasons. The first is the people: she’s worked with a number of her colleagues since her days as an intern, and many of them have started to feel like old friends. Second, she loves that the company’s mission is to help others live their best lives. Allie has had an interest in health and wellness since she was young, and it’s important to her that her work relates to her passion. Finally, she loves the variety. When Allie first started with the company, its main focus was on fitness, but in the past few years, it has expanded its reach into other aspects of wellness, including ergonomics, health clinics and nutrition. Allie firmly believes that Optum Workplace Well-being will continue to grow and expand to keep improving people’s lives.