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JJ: From size 18 to size 8, smaller and healthier than when I graduated high school

August of 2014 I laid down to zip up my pants, the largest size I had ever worn other than maternity clothes, and could barely zip them up. I knew with winter coming, I always put on a few extra pounds and I could not bear having to buy more clothes. I have never been a skinny person but two kids later and my bad habits wreaked havoc on my body. I had so many clothes already that ranged over 4 sizes that I refused to go to the next size, 20’s!!!

Never had I stepped in a gym before and JRC had just opened ours about 3 months prior. It was so busy being new to the site and I didn’t want it to be a flavor of the month thing. That day I started using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone and just tracked what I was eating on a daily basis for 2 weeks. On a good day my average intake was 4000 calories and never thought twice about it. I always tried to cut back drastically or run an hour a day and wondered why I would fail and never be able to keep it up. I started mid-August by cutting back to 2000 Calories a day and walked by the GYM daily on my way to the Café and thought I should be going in here instead of getting food.

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Leslie: From cancer diagnosis to strong and back on her feet

My journey toward becoming more physically fit began with the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013. The fight was on. My battle included a surprising secondary diagnosis and numerous complications and setbacks. After 9 surgeries and additional treatment regimens over the next 18 months, I was weak and exhausted. I was continuing to work but just getting ready to go into the office in the morning was completely draining.

At that point I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavier than a half-gallon of milk (which I had to do with both hands!) and I was receiving physical therapy to regain basic range of motion. After 6 months without further problems the doctors cautiously agreed I could begin an exercise program outside the clinical setting. But where and how to begin?

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Lori: Shocking report leads to shocking weight loss

I joined in July because I wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise routine due to a high blood pressure report from my doctor. The benefits I gained have made a significant impact on me. I tried different classes, accepted challenges I never would have thought I would accept, and met friends/other members with whom I have formed a fitness comradery.

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