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On-Site Fitness Services

Our local presence enables us to build custom solutions for your unique culture and environment to help employees move more.

Moving more is linked to good health
Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can help reduce health risks, strengthen bones and muscles, improve mental health and well-being, and increase your chance to live a longer, healthier life.

Robust field operations ensure excellence
Our organization is structured to support our on-site teams. We ensure excellence through robust, field-based teams that include regional vice presidents, district managers and regional service directors. Corporate teams respond to field needs and create enabling tools.

On-site fitness services drive unrivaled engagement
Optum On-Site fitness services engage 30 to 70 percent of eligible employees per our book-of-business data.

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On-Site Health Promotion

Raising employees’ awareness of health drives better choices. Create a healthier mindset at work with one cohesive program.

Dedicated staff nurtures strong engagement
We get to know the unique needs and culture of each population. With a focus on building a culture of health, delivering engaging programming and increasing employee health ownership, we build trusted relationships that help employees improve their health.

A collaborative, employee-centric approach
A unified approach brings together all your benefit offerings. On-site health promotion specialists build relationships among vendor partners. This deep understanding enables them to connect employees with the right resources, delivered how and when they need them.

Professional, customizable, turnkey materials
Programming materials for more than 200 activities and events have been reviewed by medical directors, approved by a legal team and can be customized for your organization’s specific needs.

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On-Site Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Services

In-person services from a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) create and sustain a culture of healthy eating.

Improve lifestyle choices and health outcomes
Nutrition counseling supports a wide range of health goals. On-site RDNs help people better manage chronic and acute conditions. They support employees in achieving weight-loss goals, fueling athletic performance and eating right at any stage in life.

Make the healthiest choice the easiest choice
On-site RDNs help employees make better nutrition choices and improve health. Services are provided to individuals, small groups and entire employee populations on an ongoing basis. We work with local food providers to make nutritious food options available at work.

Certified and licensed allied health professionals
Our on-site health professionals provide evidence-based nutrition counseling and recommendations and deliver one to one medical nutrition therapy in addition to one to many group weight management programs.

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On-Site Ergonomics

Our on-site ergonomists utilize proprietary technology that allows us to serve larger populations more effectively than anyone else.

Reaching your total employee population
Our offering engages all employees. Triages allow for one-on-one counseling for higher-risk, higher-need employees leading to focused interventions. Our unique service delivers an enterprise-ergonomic solution to nearly every employee.

Seamless experience, efficient collaboration
On-site ergonomists connect with department stakeholders to ensure seamless employee experiences, efficient administrative processes and coordination of department collaboration. This coordinated effort across all business segments ensures company-wide consistency.

Amplify engagement beyond on-site services
Our on-site professionals build trusted relationships with employees. Our staff members connect employees with the health and wellness services that help them reach their initial goals, and continue to share resources about what their next best action would look like.

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On-Site Wellness Coaching

Professional coaches build trusted relationships, supporting employees in taking ownership of their health and reaching their goals.

Focus on each unique individual
On-site coaches connect with employees to understand their individual needs. Coaches are trained in proprietary tools created by experts in the field and used throughout our organization as a consistent methodology to motivate, engage and manage goal behaviors.

Everyone is eligible to work with a coach
Your entire population may engage in coaching, regardless of risk factors or medical carrier. Anyone can benefit from making healthy changes. Keeping the healthy population healthy can be equally important as managing those with chronic illness or who are high risk.

Deep knowledge and expert clinical support
Our on-site wellness coaches have a deep knowledge of behavior change principles and are supported by subject matter experts. If they are unable to answer a specific question, they can turn to medical directors for collaboration and clinical expertise.