16 Dec 2010

Battleplan for 2011 - America too Fat to Fight?

I want to extend my very best holiday wishes from all of Plus One.  Our goals in the new year are to continue to close the gap between your employee’s wellness and healthcare needs and our expertise.  Our country’s obesity rate continues to rise, costing your company more in insurance costs.  An article in the Nov. 29, 2010 Newsweek Magazine claims that America’s great income disparity is widening the gap between the obese and the socially elite. 

The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics doesn’t necessarily agree, stating that “the obesity epidemic is hitting young and older Americans across the economic spectrum.”

According to CNN Opinion, American young adults are unbelievably now becoming “too fat to fight”.  The military has had to adjust its bodyweight and body-fat expectations.  The past requirement for young male recruits was a 26% body-fat, which is generous.  They now will recruit men with 30% body-fat if they are otherwise healthy, even though that is considered to be between overweight and obese. 

So, we can all agree America is too fat.  But have we ever been too fat to defend our country before?