Theo Boyce

TheoCurrent Title: Site Leader

Career Progression: Exercise Specialist > Assistant Manager > Site Leader


Theo began working with the team at a large energy company in Texas as a part-time weekend Exercise Specialist back in 2008. Once a full-time Exercise Specialist position opened on the team, he jumped at the chance to work with a company he knew valued having "one best team." Under the guidance of his manager, he met Optum On-Site founder Mike Motta. Theo was impressed by the way the CEO carried himself, and he respected the fact that Mike was willing to clean equipment right alongside the staff. Theo saw first-hand the dedication, care, and teamwork it took to be successful. He was able to advance to the Assistant Manager position after demonstrating a passion for helping the members achieve their goals and a desire to see the company succeed. Over the next two years he was fortunate enough to work closely with Optum On-Site team members around the city and coordinate with others around the country. With the support from superstars like the National Group Fitness Director, encouragement from coworkers such as the District Manager, and guidance from veteran leaders such as the Regional Vice President, Theo eventually transitioned to another burgeoning location as the new Site Leader in 2012.


Working with such a fantastic group of people at Optum is truly rewarding for the former commercial fitness trainer. Theo is proud to be part of a dynamic organization that has consistently delivered quality service to its clients, sought to raise the standards of the industry, and juggled some serious fun. He believes that this company gives him the opportunity to have a positive impact on the health of countless individuals and learn from some of the best and brightest in the industry.