Seith Minetti

SeithCurrent Title: Site Leader

Career Progression: Exercise Specialist > Director of Personal Training > Assistant Manager > Site Leader


Seith began his career as an Exercise Specialist in February of 2006. As an Exercise Specialist at a large facility, he was able to learn from his management team along with mentors throughout the organization. After two years, he had the opportunity to serve clients as the Director of Personal Training and Assistant Manager. As a member of the site management team, he continued to learn from mentors while forming a close relationship with the Site Leader and the senior leadership team. Seith was able to grow as a leader while managing a team of Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors as an Assistant Manager. In April of 2012, he earned the opportunity to serve as the Site Leader at a new facility; assisting with the design and development of the facility, onboarding of team members, and launching a unique brand. Five years later he still loves his career and welcomes the opportunity to help change the lives of the members. Leading others has always been a goal for Seith; his mentors and members of the management team are the reason he reached this goal while improving the lives of his team and clients.


Eleven years ago, in Seith’s initial interview with Optum On-Site, he asked the hiring manager what makes this company different from other fitness companies. His interviewer answered quickly, “We are not a fitness company, we are a customer service company that happens to manage fitness facilities.” The focus on service within the culture has been a driving force in Seith’s career satisfaction and the length of his tenure at Optum On-Site. Everything from the way Optum On-Site approaches performance reviews, to the manner in which the senior leaders carry themselves, reflects a focus on service. Optum On-Site remains his employer of choice because of the great relationships he has with his colleagues. Seith has made lifelong friends with several other managers and colleagues and he now has a network of professionals throughout the country that he can count on 24/7.