Mandi Vargas

MandiCurrent Title: On-site Health Promotion Specialist

Career Progression: Exercise Specialist > Site Leader > On-site Health Promotion Specialist and Engagement Specialist


Mandi first joined Optum On-Site in 2010 as an On-Call Exercise Specialist. Within a few short months, she was promoted to a part-time Exercise Specialist position at a brand-new site in Doral, FL. Mandi and her manager built the program from the ground up; it became a defining time in her wellness career, and a project about which they were both passionate. She was soon promoted to full-time Exercise Specialist at a sister site in Coral Gables, FL. It was in this role that Mandi was able to take on additional responsibilities including annual programming, leading the personal training department and showcasing her abilities to handle a larger site and manage key client relationships. Not long after, Mandi moved into the role of Site Leader, thus continuing her growth. She was grateful to be promoted once again and expanded the site to partner with the client’s internal wellness department, leading a variety of employee initiatives both in and out of the fitness center. In 2014, Mandi was promoted once again to On-Site Health Promotion Specialist, tasked with leading a Florida client’s North American employee population to better health. Mandi is thrilled to be working with her team of clients and the Regional Vice President in this capacity.


To Mandi, being a part of Optum On-Site was like being welcomed into a family. Working in a variety of different settings, both commercial and corporate, employees can sometimes feel like just a number. Not with Optum On-Site. The relationships that are developed allow you to truly connect with one another, and allow individuals to speak their mind. Ideas are welcomed and worked on to the best of the team's ability if it aligns with the greater vision of success. Mandi finds that if she needs to connect with another colleague on the opposite end of the country, the team there would welcome her with open arms and do whatever necessary to help her get the job done. The company also rewards hard work, as is evident in her own story. Mandi believes that if you're willing to go to work with a "can-do" attitude and the know-how to get results, doors will open.