Heather Hardy

Heather HCurrent Title: On-site Health Promotion Specialist and Wellness Coaching Product Leader

Career Progression: Wellness Specialist/On-Site Wellness Coach > Health Promotion Specialist and Wellness Coaching Product Leader


Heather joined Optum On-Site Services as one of the first Wellness Coaches in a dual Wellness Specialist/Wellness Coach Role. At her site, she implemented our program and participation management system for wellness and fitness and supported people working towards health ownership. With Optum’s acquisition of Plus One, Heather led the transition of coaching into Optum On-Site’s integrated clinical user experience systems. While on-site, her client transitioned to another healthcare provider, and Heather was a key part of bringing together all the pieces of greater Optum and the provider to meet the direct needs of the end consumer. Heather was able to connect people with their next best action and was frequently invited to speak and represent her client and Optum at local health events. After two years on-site, she was invited to join the Product Innovation and Engagement Team as the Director of On-Site Coaching and Health Promotion where she is excited to once again lead Optum teams to support people’s health and wellbeing.


Heather loves helping people and believes that everyone can live their best life. Optum On-Site Services enables Heather to do just that in making a nice place to work while also balancing the demands of motherhood and her own health and wellness.