Amanda Ney

AmandaCurrent Title: Exercise Specialist

Career Progression: Receptionist > Exercise Specialist


Amanda started with Optum On-Site in 2013 as a full-time Receptionist. New to the fitness industry, she didn’t think of this job as more than a foot in the door with an elite oil and gas company. However, a colleague helped open her eyes to what an amazing career this could be. She encouraged Amanda to take on additional responsibilities and help lead the site in an engaging way. In 2016, Amanda earned her group fitness and personal training certifications as well as transitioned to an Exercise Specialist role. Amanda’s job encourages her to grow and be the best version of herself. Her “office” is a happy hub where people come to relieve stress and feel better. She enjoys being included in the best part of people’s day. She loves that she can encourage workplace wellness; being happy and having fun is a large component of that.


Optum On-Site offers endless opportunities for not only career growth, but personal growth and experiences as well. With hands-on, supportive management, Amanda has been mentored and molded into a thriving, young fitness professional. Through programs like Optum On-Site’s Clinical Progression, employees are encouraged to keep current and active in the industry as well as sponsored to grow their fitness portfolios. Not only was she able to grow at her own site but, with sites coast-to-coast, she can aspire to grow and transfer anywhere in the country. This provides a feeling of freedom with added security.