Abbey Spychala

Current Title: Assistant Spa Manager

Career Progression: Receptionist > Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist > Assistant Spa Manager


Abbey joined Optum On-Site in 2013 after a cross-country move. Prior to relocating to Colorado, she had been a Lead Hairstylist and Manager for eight years in a small-town family salon in Northern Illinois. Optum On-Site was hiring for a Spa Coordinator at a beautiful location in Black Hawk. She interviewed for the position and knew immediately it would be a perfect fit. The team, both on and off property, was such a huge catalyst in helping her grow – not only as a Spa Coordinator but also as a Hairstylist and Manager. The team she worked with on site—as well as the Optum On-Site team as a whole—made it possible for her to easily transfer her license and begin to build a strong client base inside the Optum On-Site salon. About a year after she started working in the salon, an Assistant Manager position became available. Abbey stepped up to the challenge. She was fortunate enough to be chosen for this position, and has spent the last two years as Assistant Manager. This role has not only allowed her to grow personally, but has also taught her many professional lessons as well.


Even though Optum On-Site is a large company, Abbey says it never feels that way. It is a tight-knit and easily accessible company. Abbey feels it is always nice to work for a company that wants to see their employees grow and advance. Optum On-Site continuously looks within the company to see where growth opportunities exist. It is truly a “One Best Team” environment in the work place, feeling more like a family than a company. This makes it exciting to go to work every day. She has rarely been fortunate enough throughout her career to work with a team that is so quick to support each other and grow together. Abbey whole-heartedly thanks Optum On-Site for the opportunities she has been afforded over the last three and a half years.